Role of Government

The role of government is to protect the rights and liberties of citizens. Government that reaches beyond this core role begins to not only erode the rights of people, but it has the ability to threaten all of our lives and livelihoods. We must restrain government.


As a former classroom teacher in our public schools I know the importance of driving dollars back to the classroom to ensure that teachers have the support they need to invest in the lives of their students. We also must end standardized testing that is tying the hands of educators.


We must protect human life from conception to natural death. Abortion is murder and we must stop killing children in Texas. I will defend the unborn at every level and fight to end this atrocity in our state. We must also protect Texans to ensure that hospitals cannot remove life sustaining treatment from Texans without the patient’s permission.

2nd Amendment

Your second amendment right is essential. I will fight to ensure that Texas leads with pro-gun laws by passing Constitutional Carry, legislation that is already in 15 other states. If you can legally purchase a firearm, you should be able to legally carry that firearm without having to pay the government and get permission.


We have to protect our monuments and preserve Texas history against the radical left who want to tear down our monuments in the name of political correctness.

Lower Property Taxes

Politicians in Austin love to tell us about all the property tax reform they do for us, but our property taxes keep going up. I want real property tax relief that lowers your bill. We must stop taxing people out of their homes.

Abolish taxpayer-funded lobbying

We must end taxpayer-funded lobbying. Right now, politicians are working to ensure that lobbyists get your tax dollars, and then use it to work against your best interests. Those same lobbyists then employ and donate back to politicians. We must end the corruption.

Defend Our Police

We must not only oppose all efforts to defund the police on a statewide level but also punish cities that defund their police departments as well. I support our law enforcement officials.


We must increase the criminal penalty for violent rioters. I want to punish anyone who destroys someone else’s property.

Transgender Ideology

We must ban the sexual transitioning of children. In North Texas today we have boys and girls as young as 3 being transitioned to the opposite of their God-given gender. This is wrong and must end.